Sculpture > Causal Loop

The artwork in Causal Loop is inspired by my mediation practice. After meditating I contemplate my place in this world…I exist simultaneously as an individual and as a nameless being that is part of an evolving system of sociopolitical structures. These structures are temporary and impermanent as we are temporary, corporal beings.

With this arc of history in mind, I begin to work, acutely aware of the contradictions, nuances, beauty, sadness and ridiculousness saturating the cultural atmosphere of contemporary life in America. My attunement to the visual and cultural landscape of the moment is a driving force behind my work. I delight in using the cast off materials and images of mass production and mass culture yet I resist the system that would create such materials, endanger the natural world and destroy people. This contradiction enables my work to hold both the humor and the pathos of our contemporary plight. My acts of creation are a contrast to the destructive and violent nature of our time.

Challengers of the Unknown
road sign, steel cable, rope, steel, stone, brass plum bob, rubber, guache, flashe paint, gesso, and charcoal
The Great Escape
reclaimed wood, house and flashe paint
reclaimed wood boards, house and flashe paint
15 x 12'
The King is Defeated
plexiglass, wood, spray paint, house paint, charcoal, reclaimed flooring, and flashe paint
audio cables, animal horns, charcoal, house and flashe paint
Sand in hand
reclaimed wood, ink, acrylic, enamel, house and flashe paint
glass, reclaimed wood, enamel, charcoal, house and flashe paint