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Close your eyes. You are not sightless. You can see color, shape, pattern...keep looking, images may appear.
It is an intangible experience. I take this experience and root it in the physical world.
I use corporeal materials to undertake this challenge. My materials reflect the experience that originates in the physical body. The weight of wood, repurposed in the form of a door, used to communicate the intangible.
I ponder this transitory experience and recognize a sense of impermanence. Impermanence, a Buddhist notion that ”all of conditioned existence is in a constant state of flux.” I keep this statement in mind when I begin to alter the door that was once a tree. I cut it. Mark it. Create the patterns that I see with eyes closed.
I combine materials, find a use for them that is not typical. This combination of repurposed materials speaks to the temporary nature of form. If we can take note of the impermanence of form then we can take note of our own impermanence...our own short time as animated creatures. Perhaps then we are more easily able to open our eyes to the ephemera of the moment, acknowledge change as a constant, and create a connection between the physical structure that is on exhibit before you and the moment of sight experienced with eyes closed.

Tristimulus Response No.7
Tristimulus Response No.7
Flashe paint, house paint, guache, and gesso on wooden doors.
122" x 144"