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DREAM BODY is inspired by the Hanged Man Tarot card. The Hanged Man has been battered and tormented, at his lowest point, hanging upside down, having sacrificed his body he gains a clarity of vision. This is a metaphor for the moments in our lives when we transcend the burdens of existence.
We discover clarity, awakening to a new vision or consciousness. Things that were once held close, precious, now seem but an illusion. What have we awoken into? How did we get here? What is real and what is a simulation? These are the questions that triggered the creation of DREAM BODY.

I am interested in how we arrive at moments of clarity/transcendence in our lives...sometimes it is purposeful and at times it happens unexpectedly, often after a great emotional, physical or mental struggle. The large projection captures the inner experience of these moments while the smaller projection steps back, into the physical world and depicts a trigger for these experiences. Building off the idea of awakening into a new clarity, the past seeming but an illusion or simulation, I created a number of simulations in the gallery. The beach ball and kick boards are simulations of objects found in the smaller, hot tub, projection. They are cast objects, at once real and physical but still simulations just the same. The “realness” of these objects calls into question how we perceive reality and how we move beyond our current perceptions.