My work covers a wide array of concepts. I am interested in socially engaged practices and performance. I have created work based upon meditation, evolution, the human experience of time and other fascinations. My concepts often choose me through the dictates of life and happenstance.
As disparate as my concepts may appear to be my process and materials unify my work. I identify with the Buddhist doctrine of impermanence, that conditioned existence is in a constant state of flux. I apply this philosophy to my relationship with and my usage of materials. I incorporate recycled, quotidian materials and images with more traditional art making methods and mediums. When I use a material I remove it from its original context, I combine it with other repurposed and/or traditional materials to create a “thing” anew. This new thing often has a life span, archival properties become insignificant. My created thing IS for a time and then it ISN’T...existing in a time and physical state of flux.

“Blaine Siegel‘s Gobdiddlymuck at Slought is the work I loved best in all the shows, a tour-de-force piece with humor and thoughts of society’s decay.”

Roberta Fallon, the

Blaine Siegel earned a BFA in Art Photography from Syracuse University and an MFA in Sculpture from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He has exhibited work in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Florida, New York and Arles, France. Recent exhibits of note include, ENOUGH Violence at Pittsburgh's Society for Contemporary Craft, Objects for Dance at PRACTICE in Philadelphia, and DREAM BODY at 709 Gallery in Pittsburgh 4/14.