My creations are contemplations on consciousness, evolution, meditation, time, and functioning systems. My irreverent opinion of materials enables me to value common objects and trash along side more formal art specific materials. Applying ideas of transmutation and transformation to my materials allows me to subvert expectations and propose deeper meanings. Whether my work references an unassuming inorganic new life form, skews the power dynamic between performer, audience, and object, or offers suggestions for the ephemeral experience of sight when our eyes are closed, I am driven to create meaning. Offering thought provoking creations is a way for me and viewers of my artwork to experience new ideas and ways of being.

“Blaine Siegel‘s Gobdiddlymuck at Slought is the work I loved best in all the shows, a tour-de-force piece with humor and thoughts of society’s decay.”

Roberta Fallon, the

Northside Crossing opening January 10th. A public artwork sponsored by City of Asylum in Pittsburgh's Northside Community.

Artists lecture at The Carnegie Library Allegheny Branch at 4 pm followed by tours of the artwork.